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New Books
The Swiss family Robinson
Razorblade tears
The therapist
The paper palace
The cellist: a novel
Lesson in red : a novel
The girls in the stilt house : a novel
The giggles are coming
Lost and found family : a novel
Survive the night : a novel
The personal librarian
PS, I love you
The bad guys in cut to the chase
The betrayed
Nine lives : a novel
The bone code
The Auschwitz detective
Donut go breaking my heart
I only have pies for you
Sundae my prince will come
Pumpkin spice up your life
Shake it off
Pip the little penguin
Squirrel me timbers
The cow said neigh! : a farm story
The goat with many coats
God gave us love
Little Bear
The sweetness of water
Six weeks to live
The islanders
Long lost
The perfect murder
The house by the sea
The whispering dead